Recipes for Conceptual Clay (in the time of covid-19), available in hardcover or eBook

In Spring 2020, the established means by which we teach, learn and connect underwent a seismic fracture. Ceramic educator Nicole Seisler responded to these circumstances by developing a series of experimental and experiential exercises (brought to life on the page by Georgie Flood’s pictures!) intended for university students, educators, and independent makers interested in engaging emotionally and conceptually with the current state of the world through the language of clay. Each exercise is cast as a culinary recipe, which individuals can adjust or tweak according to the availability of space, materials, tools and their own particular tastes.

Critical Essays, Responses, and interviews:

Ashwini Bhat interviews Nicole Seisler (December 2021) about the A-B Projects Ceramics Certificate program in Studio Potter.

Hyperlocal Materialism (April 2020) A paper written in collaboration with Kate Hampel, which we co-presented at the 2020 College Art Association Conference. 

Top Ten Problematic Issues with the C-File list of Top 15 Male Artists (January 2020) A response to Garth Clark’s Top 15 Male Artists: Ceramics in Fine Arts (note that Cfile removed this article from their website two weeks after I wrote my response). I authored this ‘Top Ten list’ in tandem with Julia Haft-Candell’s Open Letter to C-File and Amanda Leigh Evans’ Open Letter to C-File

Crisis of the Cylinder (February 2019), published by Board of Photography.

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