Moment to Moment

01 compiled throw_1

03 interaction_2

04 interaction_3

06 detail

07 middle to end

09 gelecek zaman

08 simdiki zaman_full_emptyMoment to Moment was a participatory project at Flash Atolye in Izmir, Turkey. Gallery attendees were invited to take multiple handfuls of wet clay from a container labeled ‘present’ (‘simdiki zaman’), form them into balls, and throw them at the text target ‘future’ (‘gelecek zaman’) on the wall. Over the course of the Opening, roughly 175 kilos of the ‘present’ were aimed at the ‘future.’

Like a ball of wet clay pressed into your hand, the present can be a sticky thing. Like a ball of wet clay clumsily hurling through the air, the path of our movement forward is shifting and irregular. Like the surprising texture of wet clay splattering against a wall, the future is unknown. Everything is temporary: the wet clay hardens, peels and falls, thereby revealing a future that has already become a past.

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