— I am the February 2019 artist for Board of Photography, an online curatorial project about mediums in crisis. It features one text and one image by one artist each month. My essay and image are about the Crisis of the Cylinder in the field of ceramics. 

A-B Projects is a space for the exhibition of work by artists who are expanding and redefining the field of ceramics. I founded A-B Projects three years ago in Claremont, CA, where I was the Lincoln Visiting Professor of Ceramics at Scripps College, and over that time I curated 20 exhibitions. This Fall, I relocated the gallery to my Downtown Los Angeles studio in the renowned Bendix Building, alongside a hub of seven other art galleries (including TSA LA, Monte Vista Projects, POST, Track 16, Durden & Ray, JOAN, and Chateau Shatto). Exhibitions and guest lectures at A-B Projects have given hundreds of students and community members access to contemporary ceramics thinkers from across the country. Find out about upcoming shows here.



January – March 2019: Preparing will be part of the NCECA Annual exhibition.



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November 2017: Group exhibition Excavations, curated by HK Zamani at Rio Hondo College Art Gallery

August 2017: Solo exhibition The Places We Built at Gallery 1855 in the Davis Cemetery & Arboretum. 

August 2017: Installation of private commission for Airbnb San Francisco Headquarters